Reisverslag reis naar Canterbury en Basingstoke Cambridge Class

Reisverslag reis naar Canterbury en Basingstoke Cambridge Class


De RedeThe trip to Canterbury 

The day we went to Canterbury we had to be at school at school at a quarter to seven. The bus left at seven o’clock in the morning. After two hours we arrived at the custom’s, and we had to show our ID’s. Then we went on a train, and the bus went in the train! It took 30 minutes and then we were in England!

Everybody was driving on the left, it was really weird. After an hour we finally arrived in Canterbury, and it was beautiful. First, we visited the Canterbury Cathedral. We walked through the cathedral with a guide, who explained the history of it. All the windows were made of stained glass, it was magnificent. After the tour, we did a treasure hunt. It was about the history of Canterbury. When we were done, we had some time for ourselves. With our group we walked through the city and went into shops. Around half past three we went on a boat. Micheal, our guide, told us about the history of buildings around the river. There were three bridges, and they were very low. You had to duck, otherwise you’d hit your head! The most interesting story was about the ducking chair. It’s a chair that they tested if you were a witch. People with red hair, green eyes and a very light skin were always witches. We got back to the bus at five o’clock. At eleven o’clock we were back at school. 

It was a wonderful day and we had a lot of fun.

Story by Mees de Guchteneire and Dakota Kaspers.

De Rede

Hello everyone,

We went to England from the 26th of March till the 28th of March. The coach left at 6.30 am, so we had to get up early. The coach drove us to Calais, where we entered the train at 10.20 am. At 11 o’clock we arrived in England. After we left the train, we drove to Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College (CBEC), but there was a traffic jam, so we arrived later at the school.  

When we arrived at the school, we met our penpals and baked pizzas together. After that we had to choose a sports activity, swimming or football. After we finished doing the sports activities, we went to the Youth Hostel nearby Basingstoke. After we arrived there, we settled ourselves down in our rooms and at 7 o’clock we had to eat. After dinner we had time for ourselves and we played “Weerwolven van Wakkerdam”. At 10.00 p.m we had to be in our rooms and it had to be quiet at 10.30 p.m. 

Day 2
The next morning we had to have breakfast at 8.00 a.m. At 9.00 a.m the coach left for Portsmouth. After the trip we met our penpals again and went to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. We went to the museum where we saw the shipwreck of Mary Rose and we went to the HMS victory. After this we did a boat trip where we saw warships. Then we went to the Spinnaker Tower and we had a nice view over the city and the sea. Then we ate at Nandos and after this we had two and half hours free time. We had a lot of fun there. At 9.30 pm we were back at the Youth Hostel. There we played again “Weerwolven van Wakkerdam” and go to bed at 10.30 p.m.

 Day 3
The next morning after breakfast at 9.00 a.m the coach left and we drove two hours to Canterbury. When we were in Canterbury we had two and a half hour free time. We had to buy our lunch there. Then we left Canterbury and got the train for the Channel Tunnel and after that we drove back to school, were we arrived at 8.00 p.m Dutch time. It was a wonderful trip and we had a lot of fun.

 Written by:

Lars Timmermans 2a
Leco van der Veldt 2a

De Rede
De Rede